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Der Freischütz

To the 200th anniversary of the World Premiere

The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre presents Carl Maria von Weber’s Der Freischütz. This opera is a jewel of the German Romantic opera. From the first performances, which took place in June 1821 in Berlin, the opera was accompanied by unprecedented success. Ernest Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann, after visiting the premiere, wrote about a new era in the history of German opera: Nothing more important has been written for the German opera since Mozart than Beethoven’s “Fidelio” and this “Freischütz”…


The production was conceived even before the dramatic period that all of humanity is still going through – the COVID-19 pandemic. When me, Yuri Ustinov and Fabrice Bollon were talking about the fact that a human being is more and more moving into the virtual world, and sometimes mixes the virtual and real worlds up, we could not imagine that soon we would leave for this virtual world for many months. The heroes of our production are real people, our contemporaries, who are engaged in the development of computer games. They come up with “Der Freischütz” game. It seems to us that this opera could talk how the online and offline worlds collide and could give us an answer on “Are they interchangeable?..”

Alexander Titel,
Artistic Director of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Opera

Читать далее Скрыть
Running Time
2 часа 30 минут с одним антрактом
Premiere at the SND Music Theatre
June 9 2021
Performed in

Creative Team

Music Director
Stage Director
Set and Costume Designers
Principal Chorus Master



Friday party at the office of a computer games company. An important project is successfully completed, now they can relax. Kilian and Max are testing the game. Max misses as usual. His colleagues make fun of him. Kuno suggests an idea for a new game in historic setting. The winner gets a beautiful girl for his wife. Kuno offers this role to Agathe, who is in a relationship with Ottokar, the owner of the company. The game begins, but the exact rules are still unknown. Game Reality Max, Kuno and Caspar are in the forest. Max dreams of victory, but doubts his strength. Everyone is watching the game. Only Ottokar and Agathe are more interested in each other. Pause. Max, Kuno and Caspar leave the virtual world. The party continues. Max desperately tries to get Agathe’s attention. Caspar, who gave his soul to the dark forces, hopes to delay the reckoning. To do this,
he must bring a new victim to the Black Hunter Samiel. Agathe gets carried away with the plot of the game and begins to follow it. Caspar gives Max his weapon loaded with a magic bullet. Max shoots at an almost invisible target and hits. Agathe suddenly collapses – she has lost consciousness. A
moment of panic, but she’s okay again. Max agrees to go with Caspar to Wolf’s Glen, where the magic bullets can be cast. Agathe and her friend Ännchen join the game. Agathe and Ännchen are waiting for Max in an old hunting house. Agathe tells about her meeting with the venerated mysterious Hermit. The sage has warned her of danger. Max arrives briefly, but soon leaves for Wolf’s Glen. Caspar is watching Max’s actions. He hopes to lure him into a trap.


Caspar persuades Samiel to give him a reprieve. He will sacrifice Max. Caspar and Max make magic bullets. But only six of them will obey the shooter. The seventh will be directed by Samiel. Caspar and Max, having picked up the passwords, connect to the secret server. Agathe is getting ready for the wedding. But as she opens the box with the bridal wreath, she finds a funeral one. Ännchen tries to makes a joke of this bad omen. She makes a new wreath of flowers given to Agathe by the Hermit. All the party participants switch from spectator to game mode. Caspar spends his sixth bullet. Now the seventh, the devil’s one, goes to Max. Ottokar shows the target – the white dove. Max shoots, and Agathe falls to the ground. Fortunately, she’s alive. The magic power of the Hermit turned out to be stronger than the spell of Samiel. The bullet hit Caspar. Culmination. Everybody is in the game.
Ottokar intends to punish Max. But the Hermit calls for forgiving those who have stumbled. Ottokar asks who played the Hermit? Kuno says that this
man has never been seen but everyone on the Web obeys him… Game over. Max is alone. He thinks about Agathe. She looks at him from all screens.

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