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Giselle is an absolute classic, and it was not my intention to revise this masterpiece in a radical way. During my artistic life I have seen many different productions and have taken part in many of them. They differed from each other in small nuances, but the basis remained the same – unless, of course, we are not talking about a complete revision like the one that Mats Ek once carried out. But in order for the classics to live, attention is required to it. From time to time, the performance needs to be filled with new breath, and relationship between artists must be rebuilt. This is what I tried to do with Giselle. In the first act, I paid particular attention to the pantomime. It is necessary so that the audience understands what is at stake. I wanted pantomime to stop being a formality and become an important means of expression. In the second act, my main concern was the purity of the style: the position of the hands, the accuracy of the movements. I made sure that all the performers were fully involved in the performance. Only under this condition can we truly captivate the audience in the hall.

Author of the choreographic version Laurent Hilaire


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Running Time
2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission
Premiere at the SND Music Theatre
July 17 2019

Creative Team

Choreographic Version
Set and Costume Designer
Lighting Designer



Count Аlbrecht has fallen for a village girl, Giselle. He disguises himself as a peasant in order to court her. Unaware of Albrecht’s noble birth, the
girl responds to his affection. Hans, the village gamekeeper, is also desperately in love with Giselle. Filled with suspicion and jealousy, he spies upon his rival and discovers that Albrecht is in fact a nobleman. A hunting party, led by the Duke and his daughter Bathilde, to whom Albrecht is already engaged, arrives in the village. Bathilde, who is charmed by Giselle’s beauty, presents the girl with a necklace. Hans proceeds to reveal Albrecht’s true identity to the village. Giselle understands that Albrecht is betrothed to Bathilde. In her shock and pain, the delicate Giselle dies.


Giselle has been buried deep in the forest. She has now become one of the Wilis – the spirits of young girls who have died before their wedding
day. Should any man encounter these spirits, they will dance him to death. Hans comes to mourn at the grave of his beloved. At midnight, the Wilis led by their queen – Myrtha – rise from their tombs. They discover Hans and pursue him to his death. When Albrecht, laden with feelings of guilt and remorse, also arrives to bring flowers to Giselle, the Wilis fall vengeful upon him. Myrtha commands Giselle to entice Albrecht to join in her dance. Giselle must submit to Myrtha’s power, but she still loves Albrecht and helps him to stay alive until the dawn. At daybreak, the Wilis lose their power and fade away. Albrecht is spared. He has a last farewell to the spirit of Giselle before she returns to the grave and is left alone with his sorrow.

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