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La Sylphide

There are two versions of “La Sylphide” ballet. The first one was staged in France by Filippo Taglioni for his daughter Maria Taglioni in 1832. It was the first ballet when ballerina stood on point shoes. Four years later, in 1836 “La Sylphide” was staged in the Royal Danish Ballet by August Bournonville accompanied by the music of Herman Løvenskiold. It was a “forced stage”. In truth, Bournonville wanted to demonstrate the Taglioni’s version of the ballet but financial circumstances got in the way. Nevertheless, Bournonville’s ballet became as popular as the one of Taglioni’s. In Moscow Music Theatre and other Russian theatres, for instance, only the Danish version was played.

In 2021 the French version of “La Sylphide” is revived in MAMT’s repertoire. The ballet is revived by prominent and experienced director Pierre Lacotte. He revived Taglioni’s version using the archive materials that he also presented in Grand Opera Paris in 1972. In Russia, this version of the ballet can only be seen in Moscow Music Theatre.

Читать далее Скрыть
Running Time
2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission
Premiere at the SND Music Theatre
November 27 2021

Creative Team

Production, Sets and Costumes
Revival Conductor
Music Director


James, a young Scottish farmer, is sleeping in an armchair at the fireside on the eve of his wedding with his fellow villager Effie. Near him a winged spirit, a sylphide appears, gazes at him with love and kisses him. As James wakes up, the sylphide runs away. The wedding guests are gathering at the farm. They chat and dance merrily, but James is plunged in reverie: the vision of the lovely sylphide haunts him. The old witch who came uninvited to the wedding tells fortunes to the village girls. She predicts that James will betray his fiancée and that she will marry a huntsman Gurn. James is furious at the accusation and throws the witch out of the house. James vows fidelity to Effie and wants to put the wedding ring on her finger, but the sylphide appears and snatches the ring away from him. She entices the young man away from the world of reality. Leaving his own wedding and heartbroken fiancée behind, James rushes after the spirit into the woods. The old witch casts spells to destroy James who has insulted her. James pursues the sylphide. Now the she plays and dances with him and now vanishes again… As if by chance, he meets the old witch in the wood. The witch
offers James a magic scarf that will allow him to catch the spirit for himself. If he throws it over Sylphide’s wings, they will drop off and she won’t be able to fly away. James takes the scarf and wraps it playfully around the sylphide’s shoulders and arms. But when her transparent wings fall off, she dies: a spirit of the air, she can live only in her native element. Effie and Gurn’s wedding procession is seen in the background.

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