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Medea /at the Music Theatre Médée is performed in Italian version by Carlo Zangarini with recitatives by Franz Lachner/ is one of the masterpieces of French opera art at the turn of the XVIII–XIX centuries. Its author is Luigi Cherubini, one of the founders of the Paris Conservatoire, a composer whom Beethoven called “the best” among his contemporaries, a witness and chronicler of the Great French Revolution. He created a work comparable in scale to the ancient Greek myth taken as a basis. Cherubini’s Medea, one of the greatest operatic tragedies, demands vocal skills and a bright acting talent from the singers. In the middle of the XX century Medea experienced a rebirth thanks to Maria Callas. The role of Medea, played by Callas, became a legend on the opera stage, and since then special demands have been made on the performers of the title role. One of the reasons for staging ths opera at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre became the presence in the Opera Company two singers with a strong and expressive voice and a bright stage personality. The role of Medea is performed by the world-famous soprano Hibla Gerzmava and one of the brightest stars of the Moscow opera stage Natalia Muradymova.

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Golden Mask Award
Golden Mask Award

Production is a Laureate in following categories:

«Best Director» (Alexander Titel)
«Best Actress in Opera» (Hibla Gerzmava)

Running Time
3 hours 10 minutes with two intermissions
Premiere at the SND Music Theatre
May 14 2015
Performed in

Creative Team

Music Director
Stage Director
Set and Costume Designer
Lighting Designer
Principal Chorus Master


Once Upon a Time

The Argonauts under Jason’s leadership had set off on a dangerous voyage and procured the Golden Fleece. The king of Colchis’s daughter, Medea, who had fallen in love with Jason, helped them. Having deceived her father she arranged for the Argonauts to steal the treasure and had run away with them. In order to impede the pursuit Medea killed her brother, dismembered his body and threw the parts into the sea. Their way back home had been long and full of dangers. The Argonauts had assailed their enemies and escaped pursuits going from place to place. Ten years had passed. In the meantime, Medea had given birth to Jason’s two sons. At last, the fate had brought them to Corinth. Jason, having had more than enough of the dangerous nomadic life, decided to marry Glauce, the daughter of Creon the King of Corinth.


Glauce is tortured with foreboding of evil. She fears vengeance by the insulted Medea. Jason and Creon try to calm Glauce down. Medea appears
and swears to prevent the marriage of Jason and Glauce. Creon demands of Medea to leave Corinth but having yielded to her entreaty allows her to stay for just another day. Medea tries to convince Jason that she submitted herself to her fate. She charges her handmaiden Neris with the passing
to Glauce of her wedding gift, a precious adornment. Having put the diadem on, Glauce dies. Medea kills her sons and bids Jason to meet her on the sacred banks of the Styx.

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