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The Queen of Spades

What is the essence of The Queen of Spades? Is this opera a love story? In a way, it is. But so is any opera. Two men fall in love with the same girl. One of them is handsome, successful, comes from a respectable family. All the possibilities in life are laid out in front of him. The other one is a nobody – angry, broke, nameless. But, as it often happens, the girl loves this other one.

Is this opera a story of gambling? I’d say it is not. Although the game does occupy a very important place here. One could even say that this is a story of two card games with half a century interval. The first takes place one day in Versailles au jeu de la Reine. And the second happens 50 (or is it 60?) years later in Saint-Petersburg. Everything else is in-between.

This is a story of fate ruling over the destinies of people who live in the city of tragic greatness – Saint Petersburg. It also becomes one of the main characters – a ghost-city of monumental beauty built within only 200 years on an extraordinary and unprecedented scale. Perilous city built on bones drowned in the swamp, absolutely European and absolutely Russian at the same time. The city that gets flooded every now and then. The cradle of both Golden and Silver ages of the Russian art…

Artistic Director of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Opera Alexander Titel.

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Award of the «Music Review» National Newspaper
Award of the «Music Review» National Newspaper
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Running Time
3 hours with one intermission
Premiere at the SND Music Theatre
November 6 2016
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Creative Team

Music Director
Stage Director
Set Designer
Costume Designer
Movement Director
Lighting Designer
Principal Chorus Master


Scene 1

It’s a rare moment of fine weather in Saint-Petersburg. Citizens are out strolling. Herman’s acquaintances discuss his bizarre behavior: every
night he comes to the gaming house, but instead of gambling he watches others play. Herman opens up to Tomsky about his secret love for the girl he doesn’t know. Prince Yeletsky receives congratulations on his engagement. The Countess enters, accompanied by her granddaughter Liza. Yeletsky presents Liza to everyone as his bride. Herman can’t control the sudden anxiety: this is his unknown beloved. The eyes of all those present at the unfolding drama meet. They realize that there is a mysterious connection between them all. A sinister premonition embraces each person. The Countess leaves. Tomsky tells the story of how, years ago, she learned from Count St. Germain a secret formula of the three cards that guarantee winning. Herman’s friends make jokes suggesting he takes the crone as his lover and charms out the secret of the three cards. The storm begins. Herman is left alone amidst the raging weather. He swears a solemn oath to win over Liza.

Scene 2

Liza spends the eve of the wedding with her girlfriends. Polina sings a sad song followed by a merry dance. The governess sent by the Countess scolds the exhilarated girls and sees the guests out. Left all alone, she finds herself thinking of the mysterious stranger. Suddenly Herman enters the room. Liza is torn between the sense of duty and the passion growing in her. Like a vision of death, the Countess appears. When she leaves Liza declares her love to Herman.

Scene 3

Liza meets Herman at the ball. She gives him a key to the secret door that leads to her room through the Countess’s bedroom. The desire to learn the formula of the three cards possesses Herman’s mind entirely.

Scene 4

Herman enters the Countess’s bedroom and hides in there. Having returned from the ball the mistress of the house longs for the past and reminisces about her youth. Herman comes out of his shelter and pleads the Countess to reveal her secret to him. Hearing no answer, he then threatens her. Suddenly Herman realizes the Countess is dead. At that moment Liza enters and becomes a witness to the terrifying denouement.

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