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One of the most popular Verdi’s opera “Rigoletto” is staged by Vladimir Pankov, the Artistic Director of the Centre for Playwrights and Directing and the founder of “SounDrama” Theatre. Commonly known for his extraordinary experience of synthesising music and drama art, Pankov explores the opera for the first time. He works with his regular co-authors Maxim Obrezkov, choreographer Ekaterina Kislova, video artist Kirill Pleshkevich and lighting designer Anna Korotkova. The Music Director of the opera is People’s Artist of Russia and the winner of the Moscow Prize Felix Korobov. This is the second production of “Rigoletto” staged in Moscow Music Theatre. The previous premiere was shown in 1939 by such prominent figures as Konstantin Stanislavsky and Vsevolod Meyerhold.

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Running Time
2 hours 45 minutes with one intermission
Premiere at the SND Music Theatre
November 12 2021
Performed in

Creative Team


The Duke is hosting a party in his palace. The Duke courts the Countess Ceprano, much to the fury of her husband the Count. Rigoletto cruelly mocks
the husbands and fathers of the many women his master has seduced. He advises the Duke to kidnap the Countess. At the height of the festivities, Count Monterone enters. He upbraids the Duke for having dishonored his daughter. Rigoletto answers him with vicious mockery. Monterone curses both Rigoletto and the Duke. Later that evening, Rigoletto is accosted by Sparafucile, who offers his services as a killer. Rigoletto hurries home to check on his daughter Gilda. He is obsessed with the need for Gilda to remain hidden from contact with the outside world. He begs Giovanna to keep his daughter safe, but she has already arranged for Gilda’s admirer to meet her. The Duke has caught sight of the beautiful girl in church and followed her home. He tells her that he is a poor student and that he loves her. The courtiers gather outside the house intending to abduct Gilda. They assume that she is Rigoletto’s mistress. Rigoletto returns unexpectedly, but they fool him into believing they are abducting the Countess Ceprano. Rigoletto agrees and, wearing a mask that covers his eyes, holds the ladder while the abduction takes place. Too late, he discovers the trick: he just has helped to kidnap his own daughter.


The Duke is distraught about the abduction of Gilda. The courtiers describe how they kidnapped Rigoletto’s “mistress”. The Duke hurries off to the conquest. Rigoletto enters, looking for Gilda. He accuses the courtiers of cruelty, then asks for compassion. Gilda appears, torn between guilt and love for the Duke. She tells her father the whole story. Rigoletto makes a plan for them to leave the city. But before they leave he swears revenge on the Duke. Rigoletto and Gilda arrive at an inn on the outskirts of the city where Sparafucile and his sister Maddalena live. The Duke, once again incognito, flirts with Maddalena. Gilda sees his infidelity, but continues to love him. Rigoletto orders her to go home and disguise herself as a young man in preparation for their escape. Now he pays Sparafucile to murder the Duke. Gilda returns to overhear Maddalena urge her brother to spare the handsome stranger and kill someone instead. Sparafucile agrees to kill the next stranger who comes to the inn. Gilda decides to sacrifice herself for the Duke.

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