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Snow Maiden

Vladimir Burmeister was the first soviet choreographer, who was invited for staging in Paris National opera in 1960. During his work on “The Swan Lake” he also got invited by British company “Festival Ballet” to produce new ballet performance, based on Piotr Tchaikovsky’s music.
  «The Snow Maiden” (a play by Alexander Ostrovsky), is used as a basis for new Burmeister’s production. “The Snow Maiden” score is worked out from diverse musical pieces, written by Tchaikovsky. The premiere of new production took place in London (in summer of 1961) first, and further, in 1963, Burmeister made a revival of «The Snow Maiden” at the stage of Moscow Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre. For more than 50 years this ballet production is being warmly acclaimed by the audience.

Читать далее Скрыть
Running Time
2 hours 15 minutes with one intermission
Premiere at the SND Music Theatre
November 6 1963

Creative Team

Sets and costumes


The Snow Maiden plays with her friends Snowflakes in a winter forest. Father Frost is happy to see their dance. The Snow Maiden runs off from Snowflakes and Father Frost. Near the village of Berendeevka she sees human beings, Kupava and Mizgir. The Snow Maiden hurries back to tell her friends about what she has seen. Father Frost is worried because of her attraction to humans; he feels it may be spell death to her. A festive at Berendeevka draws a crowd to the village street. During merry-making Bobyl comes across The Snow Maiden who hides behind a tree. Everybody is stunned of seeing such a strange creature. Bobyl and Bobylikha decide to adopt her. The Snow Maiden is in melancholy. Three lads and Lel try to court her, but when they touch her they feel cold. Bobylikha drives away all the lads form The Snow Maiden. She wants her to find a rich match. Amidst the villagers’ winter games in which Kupava and Mizgir take part the latter sees The Snow Maiden. He is dumbfounded by her beauty
and dances with her. At the spring festive Kupava complains to the Tsar about Mizgir’s unfaithfulness. In an attempt to justify himself Mizgir shows The Snow Maiden to the Tsar. Tsar is stunned by her beauty. He forgives Mizgir and gives his blessing for their betrothal. Spring comes. The sun and the love that flares up in The Snow Maiden’s heart melt her. She vanishes into thin air. Mizgir throws himself into the lake in despair.

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